El Rinconcillo Beach

The beach has two clearly differentiated areas.

The first corresponds to the southern part of the beach, from La Concha to the last buildings. It is surrounded by the neighborhood of El Rinconcillo and is characterized by the shallow water and its great width, characteristics that make it ideal for swimming. The private buildings are located on the beach so it has a narrow promenade where you can enjoy bars and restaurants,

This is the best conditioned area for bathing, also having access for people with reduced mobility and security service throughout the summer

It is located in the north of the city of Algeciras.

It extends from the North Access Bridge of the port to the mouth of the Palmones River, a total length of 2550 meters and an average width of 40 meters that includes the beach of El Rinconcillo itself and a small cove called de la Concha that was incorporated into the main one after the clearing of part of the cliff that separated them during the works of the northern access to the port of Algeciras

Ideal beach for the days of poniente.

The second area is completely undeveloped.

It is the one that ends at the mouth of the river. It is completely surrounded by the marshes of the Palmones river and by the dunes of the old coastal cordon. This area has a steeper slope than the previous one and therefore less width. Its waters are somewhat deeper than in the first section of the beach as it is less protected by the port; in its final zone it coincides with the mouth of the Palmones river that forms an estuary from where it is possible to observe a large number of waders and fishermen, as well as a native flora